Megjelent a World Internet Project 2009-es jelentése

2009. február 19. csütörtök, 02:22
Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg with 13 Partner Countries Release First World Internet Project Report. Pioneering Report Finds Remarkable Similarities and Significant Differences Globally. Online Purchasing Not Yet Part of the Global Internet Experience; A Majority of Users Believe Only Half of the Information they Find Online is Reliable. Among many findings by the World Internet Project: Information on the Internet: is it reliable? The Internet: importance as an information source, Looking for product information and buying online, Internet use at school, Internet non-users: reasons for not going online, Going online for health information, Downloading videos, Downloading or listening to music, Banking and financial services, Age and Internet use, Newspapers: importance as an information source, Newspapers: importance as an information source -- users vs. non-users,The Center for the Digital Future: Eight years of exploring the digital realm.

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