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Digitalisation services of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for small businesses

Digitalisation services of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for small businesses

The Modern Enterprises’ Program has been working to help businesses guide them on the path to digital transformation since 2016

Whoever wants to obtain Union resource or free counseling concerning digitalisation, will contact the Modern Enterprises Program (MEP) of the HCCI (Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in all cases, the program of corporate digitalisation operating since 6 years have become unavoidable by now in the development politics and have assisted 25 thousand companies so far. In addition to the general digitalisation we now have to focus to a new objective due to the war and this is the cyber protection of the Hungarian SMEs.

  • The greatest benefit of the MEP is the swift spread of the digitalisation approach and the actual and free expert's support is available in the large part of the country.
  • The most important service of the MEP is the free on-premises audit and preparation of development plan provided by the counseling network. Thus the development is more established, the company is more effective and the leaders of SME will be more satisfied.

Based on experiences of digital development of tens of thousands of enterprises, in case of a digitally immature company an average of 10-20% growth can be observed, even in the first year of the introduction.

It is important that in case of Union tender resources concerning digitalisation, only applications pre-qualified and tested by MEP can be accounted, this made tender submission and assessment faster and makes development more safe. This means more than 3000 products of more than 1100 suppliers and this is expanding continuously.

What areas will the programme develop in the near future?

In addition to the general digitalisation there is an area to be addressed urgently.

The Ukrainian-Russian war emphasized the issue of corporate cybersecurity. The problem seems to penetrate into the area of SMEs. In addition to the recent cyber threats for general monetary gain there is a type of cyber attack - the overload attack - which is more and more frequent and needs many infected computers are required for its execution. In this case the company under attack is not the target but will only be a resource within a large-scale attacking system.

That is where the not sufficiently protected smaller corporate networks come in, which are capable of serving an attacking botnet without the knowledge of their owners, thus a Hungarian SME may even be involved indirectly in an act of (cyber) war.

In this situation the protection and awareness level of the entire SME sector is to be improved without delay. The digitalisation work having been done so far in the MEP can provide a good basis for it.

According to our plans, under a national program reaching tens of thousands of companies, we will improve the protective ability of SMEs.

Those who need, may receive assistance free of charge also in this field. We will entirely involve also the IT security companies in the work as we have done in the MEP with the industry members. We will call the attention of the SMEs to the problem clearly and on every forum to prevent the problem rather than having to do firefighting.

Contact details for the Modern Enterprises Program:

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2023.10.17 10:00